Once a Monarch, Always a Monarch

ճ is here to keep you connected with #MonarchNation! Join us for ůůֱ Athletics and other , including our annual homecoming weekend. Return to campus to share memories while also seeing how far we've come. Join your local  to bring the blueԻhome with you. We are so glad you chose ůůֱ, and we are always so happy to see you again!


ůůֱ University and the ůůֱ University Alumni Association want you to be a part of our story!

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Alumni Reception

Get Involved

From reaching out to current and future students to attending ůůֱ sporting events, the ůůֱ Alumni Association has numerous options to give back to the University.


The ůůֱ campus is growing and improving all the time! Recapture your college years and plan a visit to your old stomping grounds.

Monarch Magazine

Read the latest Issues of the Monarch Magazine to stay connected to ůůֱ all year round. 


Even though you've graduated, ůůֱ University is here to help you.